What effect will the activity have on traffic at Þorlákshöfn?

The environmental impact of transportation via Þrengslavegur is discussed in the environmental assessment report for leveling from Litla-Sandfell. There, the impact of the transport on safety is assessed as insignificantly negative. Annual traffic on Þrengslavegur is 1900 vehicles. Today, heavy vehicles pass through it, as there are large quarries located next to the road. In the master plan, it is assumed that up to 625,000 m3 of material will be collected per year in Litla-Sandfell, which is intended to be partially used for a milling plant. The aim is for the transports amounting to around 500,000 m3 of material per year when the factory is fully operational. If that traffic is divided evenly over the year, it amounts to 112 trips (round trip in total) per day. Such traffic amounts to about 6% of the total traffic per day on Þrengslavegur. Based on the plans for the mine’s operating license, we can expect more trips from the mine on Þrengslavegur, regardless of the milling plant. The Road Administration has already started looking at road improvements and has already improved Þrengslavegur from Highway 1 to Litla-Sandfell. Further road improvements on this section are planned for the future which fits well with the timetable of this project.

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