Privacy Policy


The website uses cookies in some cases. Cookies are information packets that browser programs save on user computers when requesting web servers. The web system does not automatically collect personal information, but the use of the web is measured and additional cookies can be used. For this, services from external sources are used. Those parties collect personal information as defined in the Personal Protection Act. 

Measuring agents 

The website uses Google Analytics to measure visits and traffic on the site, and no personal information is obtained from those measurements. Information like this is not used automatically, but it provides an opportunity to learn more about those who visit the website, e.g., area of ​​residence, but it is not possible to personally identify information. 

However, Facebook and Google store more detailed information about users. If you are or have recently been logged in to Facebook, Facebook can link information about a visit to our site directly to you, which may affect the ads you see. The same goes for Google’s advertising system. 

This website uses cookies.